A different challenge: Decluttering drawers and other ways to motivate yourself to clean

How many drawers do you have in your house? During one recent 100 day challenge a friend of mine decided he would tackle one drawer every 2 days of the challenge. He actually had 51 drawers in his house, but he got through his version of the challenge - and that's what the challenge is. A very personal one.
By cleaning out 1 drawer at a time he could give the contents he found his entire focus. As a result I got a photocopy of a book written and illustrated by his grandfather because he thought I would appreciate it. I did and do. Now I know where my friend gets his talents from.
Of course he found many other things during the declutter. Broken bits and pieces that went straight into the bin. Pens that had run out of ink, padlocks without keys, old photographs and other collections of stuff, and paper. Lots and lots of paper.
By taking the time to do just one drawer every other day he didn't feel stressed and rushed, and the only procrastination was - which drawer do I want to do the least - and so he chose a different one - until he had run out of "other" drawers and had to tackle the ones that were left.
Now it's your turn:
  • Count how many drawers you have in your house.
  • If you cleaned out 1 drawer every other day - how long would it take you to go through them all?
  • Make a commitment to yourself that you will start
  • Keep going
  • Let me know (and everyone else) what treasures you thought you had lost and have since found (and they don't have to have a huge monetary value)