My latest 100 day challenge 

I began my latest 100 day challenge on January 1st. Straight after the last one finished.

My current challenge is to clean and clear the clutter that litters my life, and to attempt to read 100 books or more. To force me to sit down once in a while.

I had also hoped to run the couch to 5k program, I started well - but had to give that up as my foot (my previously broken foot) started hurting again, along with my achilles. So I switched back to walking and squats and put that challenge back on hold.

Apart from a broken nose due to cleaning - I kid you not. I am doing OK. But let me explain.

My walk in food cupboard (pantry) had become a bit of a dumping ground for everything and anything. So one of my first jobs I decided was the top shelf, with the idea of working down to the floor and cleaning / clearing as I went. For some reason I had put a large tub of ceiling tile adhesive on the top shelf. As I went to get it off the shelf, I obviously did not have enough grasp on said bucket and it face planted and cracked my nose. Eye watering or what. Having determined it was roughly in the same place, and ice and witch hazel later - and yes lots of colourful language, the top shelf was cleaned and cleared.

Thankfully - no accidents have occurred since. But I am now down to the bottom shelf in said cupboard, but have also cleaned the spare room, empted a suitcase of stuff and sorted that out. Recycled 3 bags of clothing and about a ton of paper.

I am slowly ticking off the number of shelves, drawers, cupboards that need looking at and sorting, and it feels so good to know that other people will benefit from my throw out.

Apart from the top shelf - most of the cleaning sessions have been at worst about an hour, at the least about 5 minutes.

My other challenge is personal and professional development. I want to write at least 500 words a day, and to read upwards of 100 books :-) a bit of a challenge given that I have a lot to do each day, and yes so far I am at 30 of the 100 - so not too bad going.

The challenge is personal, but it is designed to challenge you, your thinking and yes your every day life.

What can you achieve in 100 days? You'd be surprised ... take the challenge. http://www.motivateme.info/challenge