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Motivate Me to Eat the Darn Frog »

What if you could create your future as your remembered past?

Do you remember when you were:
  • rich
  • successful
  • thin
  • best settling author
  • proud parent of 1 or 2 (kids, fur kids)
How about when you were
  • broke
  • disheartened
  • couldn't find a partner
  • had a small house and nothing in it?
How easy was it for you to think positively about the first and answer with infinite clarity about the second
Let me put it this way.

I was brought up in a single income household for most of my formative years. My parents grew most of their own fruit and vegetables to supplement the protein we were able to get.  I remember walking through rain drenched fields with my parents and siblings picking field mushrooms, chestnuts and bramble fruits that grew wild near our home.
But I never remember being without.

So we didn't have a phone or a car for many years. The first we would get, the second I wouldn't get until I was in my late teens and I borrowed my boyfriends car occasionally.

Aunty HazelI was the first in my family to get a degree, and the first to go beyond the confines of the county where I was born (with the exception of my dad before I knew him when he was in the army during the Cyprus conflict and his sister who sadly I didn't know. The only pic I have of her is one of her in her uniform). But they both went home to the village where they were born (as was I) and died there.

For all you know I made most of that up. I didn't but that doesn't mean you believe it or me.

The truth is we all have stories we tell about our pasts and our successes and if we want to share them, our miserable failures.

But what if today you were to sit down and think about your future as if it had already happened... Neville Goddard called it - do you remember when ...

Do you remember when you were able to star in that Broadway Musical - I know, you were absolutely amazing.

When you start remembering when - you will be amazed when the opportunities begin to show up in your life. It's called synchronicity, law of attraction, getting out of the motivational funk or thinking positive stuff for a change. The point is - if we act on those things we remembered doing, yeah you guessed it

With love and light and many congratulations

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