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7 reasons to walk to and from the office - or most other places really »

What do you do when the weather conspires against you? Almost anything you like.

It's hot, almost too hot to think and to add fun to the mix it's getting close to midnight and the long awaited electrical storm is just lighting up the sky. When I was a kid and hiding under the covers in my parents bed my dad used to tell me it was people in heaven playing ten pin bowling. And I had forgotten about that until I just heard what sounded distinctly like bowling balls rolling down a wooden floor - very loudly. I can hope for rain, whether we get any or not is up to mother nature, but the dry earth, smouldering bush fires and desperate flora and fauna would appreciate a good soaking, but it sounds like that may pass us by more's the pity.

And as we are suffering the heat, flies and humidity of summer down under, cold winds and rain is blanketing Europe and a snow storm is battering parts of North America.

What should we do? Wait for conditions to be perfect before we do something?

I must admit that it has taken about a 20 degree reduction in temperature for my brain to start "working" properly. I had also been asleep when I started getting the types of cramp in my feet that cause me to walk around the house, thankfully for my little feline girl I was able to give comfort. I can't explain the bowling ball story to her and expect her to understand, just do the thing that ensures she feels safe. Linen cupboards are handy for frightened kitties (and yes she can get out if she wants to). This is Belle BTW :-)

Where exactly was I, oh yes in bed asleep when the electrical storm started and before the cramps began. No I was explaining how we can't wait for the perfect conditions before we do stuff, lets face it, we would be waiting quite some time before that happened (if ever). Today is all there is, now is all there is. Granted if you are under 6 feet of snow it's going to be hard to do yard work, or perhaps go for a hike - but that doesn't stop you doing the things you can do. You can read, you can practice yoga, you can meditate, you can write a book, content marketing plan, a dozen blogs, schedule your social media, play board games, do a jigsaw puzzle, have long soaks in the bath - or

Sure, there may be times when outside influences can and do make you stop and think about what you are doing, or could be doing. But don't ever think they are the reason why you can't.

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