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MotivateMe! The 100 Day Challenge - Days 51-60 - Exercise or Drop and Give me 20

Providing Strategies to Overcome the Procrastination Habit with a Daily Dose of Motivational Medicine.

You know how I said I probably wouldn't do any more formal study ...

Well an opportunity came my way and I am all about saying yes to opportunity - so I am signed on to undertake a Diploma in Digital Marketing in the New Year.

What about the NLP I mentioned last time?

I confess I did not find time during the last 10 days to look into that - so I will add that to my overall life plan and I will let you know how that progresses because I know it will play a very important part in my (and your) future as we move forwards.

But that was the last 10 days, what of the current 10 days?
Well this one is very popular with myself and my challengers - that's you by the way

For instance I have a good friend in Christchurch New Zealand who takes my challenges very seriously and uses them to really challenge his mind and his body.  200 push ups - no problem by the end of one challenge, a complete somersault on a snow board (I've seen the pics) insane, but OMG - at the end of another.

Kevin my crazy Kiwi friend this one is dedicated to you :-) Love you to bits.

I am coming out of a torn shoulder rotator cuff injury that has taken far too long to heal and I miss my gym sessions, but over the current 10 day period I am going to attempt to get back into push ups. I was able to do boy (fully prone) push ups until then, and did 62 or was it 72 in one session - multiples of sets. I know I am not fit enough to do that at the moment but it I can get to 20 girly ones without injuring myself again I will be happy. Ecstatic actually. Time to test the mind and the body again and that is what the 100 day challenge is all about.

So - my friends, what are you going to attempt to improve your exercise / flexibility / strength during the current 10 day challenge?

I look forward to the pics, comments and suggestions.


p.s. yes that is me overcoming my fear of heights on an indoor rock wall...


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