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I spoke dead broad country English today - or what happens when you are not consciously creating »

Above and beyond - Or the law of sowing and reaping

habitsDo you get what you give out?

I personally think you get back far more than what you give - negative or positive.
Say for instance that you decide today you are going to plant some vegetable seeds and you don't bother to prepare your garden bed, what are you going to get? You might be lucky and get something back, but what effort did you put into it?

Answer - not very much so your "harvest" is not going to be very big is it.

Now you might decide to blame the seeds - stupid things didn't grow, or you might blame the soil, the weather for not providing the right conditions, but do we blame ourselves for not doing what we know we should have done? Of course we don't. Why blame ourselves when there are so many other handy things to blame for our lack of harvest.

*grumble, grumble* my raise wasn't as big as Fred's - I mean what's Fred done that I didn't do?

And the classic "It's not fair" "It's not my fault" mantra that always accompanies these kinds of people.

Of course there will be occasions when you do do the right thing and bad things still happen. Do you grumble about them or do you say, well you know what I might have done things differently, and now I know what I know, next time I most definitely will.
If that is the case (and I believe it is) - what happens if you prepare the ground before you plant your seeds? You spend some time and you remove the weeds and add nutrients to the soil. Then you create the little furrows and gently drop the seeds into the warmth, then add a little bit of water to encourage their germination. Over the coming days and weeks you add a little more water, make sure the weeds aren't taking over and the local creatures aren't digging holes and one day when you go out, you notice the little green tufts. Now it's getting exciting. You add a bit more water, make sure the babies are getting their nourishment and slowly but surely those babies become ready for harvesting.

The care you've given to your crop has yielded so much you can't use it all, your freezer can't take any more, so what do you do? Do you leave it to go bad or do you share some of your good fortune?

What would happen if you said to your friends and neighbours, hey I've planted all this amazing stuff and I've got so much would you like some? What are they going to say - no thanks. Well they might if they're not into whatever it is you've grown, but it's very unlikely.

Now think about the last great idea you had, did you keep it to yourself, or did you share it? You may of course think something like "I'm not going to say anything, someone might steal it" which is one way to live, or you can say, "hey I've got this great idea, I think it could be life changing, let's tell as many people as we can and see who it can help."

When you go to work, do you go above and beyond your list of duties or did you stick clearly to the description. One thing I know for certain, the ones who get on are the ones who share. Hey remember Fred? Yep he's still going above and beyond and people are still noticing.

And that's what I want you to do today - just do a little bit more than you were going to. It's amazing what you can reap when you cultivate the right amount of attitude, energy, skill and aptitude.

With many thoughts


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