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Making mountains out of mole hills »

Sunset in Jerome, or what can happen if you plan your life well

Sunset - Jerome, Arizona and Mike's birthday 2015
I tell you this for a couple of very good reasons.

It is almost 5 months since we were standing on the top of the mountain watching the sun go down after a near perfect day on our annual road trip. We'd passed through the town a year before. That time it was more luck than judgement after "sarge" a retired E5 from a teeny place called Florence mentioned a more scenic route to the one we had planned while we drank margaritas in an old saloon, in old downtown. Little did we know just how "scenic" it was going to be with the hair pin bends, slow moving trucks and impatient tourists (not us I hasten to add) while we climbed several thousand feet to the summit - albeit in our rental 4WD, and eventually down the other side which turned out to be even more 'scenic". But it was the stop in the middle of the town that had us say - we have got to come back next year. And I hope we can make it back for a 3rd year in a row...

Amazing what happens when you plan.

In our case, flights are booked. The itinerary is mapped. Stops are worked out. Things to see and do are factored into the mix, and along the way you get chance to see just how small and insignificant we all are.

As it turned out, we timed our trip to the summit in Jerome with Martina Navratilova being in the same town on the same day. And as the day drew to a close there was an open mic session that was both brilliant and random being held at the Connor Hotel where we had organised to stay for the night. And no, we didn't sing anything but happy birthday after I asked "Cheap Sunglasses" if they could help Mike celebrate, which in itself was fantastic.

Seriously, you should go if you haven't been there already, and if you are lucky and it's open mic night, you might get serenaded too.

What was once a copper mining town, a place of madams and men with money and places to spend it (if you get my meaning) to a place that has seen another set of people seeking their fame and fortune take over the town site - the artists, the weavers, jewelers and artisans, craftsmen and women who craved a slower way of life, doing what they love to do.

And for us an overnight stay on a 3 week tour that allowed us to stop, take stock and marvel at just how much we had managed to get done in the lead up to the trip, and what we had managed to fit into such a short space of time.

Now you may not have a trip to Jerome planned, but I would recommend regardless of whether you are going to visit Jerome or not is having a series of firm, cannot get out of deadlines set.


Because goals without a deadline are rarely achieved in a timely manner.

So - first decide what you really want the next couple of days / weeks / months and yes you can extend this to years - to be like ... then add these things to your calendar. Think of it like a flight you cannot miss. Then go to work to make it happen.

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