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What happens when black dye meets the public for the first time ...

Three years of training, education, frustration, pattern design, passion and lots of black fabric dye culminated in the end of year fashion show and awards for the 2014 graduating class of Polytechnic West last Thursday.

There were late nights, early morning, sinks clogged with fabric, spare rooms full of hangers and garments and steel toe capped boots everywhere.

But it was all worth it.
Thursday night my sons girlfriend was one of the 14 graduates and an award winners for her industrial inspired look ready to wear collection.
Three years ago, she wasn't sure what her future would hold, she just wanted to do something different, and had parents who supported her and told her to go for it.

Of course now the fun really begins, and she has had a number of requests to consider.

As you plan the coming week, it should also be time to contemplate your future. So remember this:
  • The time will pass whether we are pursuing our dreams or not.
  • We will end up somewhere - the question is - where?


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