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Owls, Larks or Sheep?

So the debate goes something like this.

If you sleep in you are a slacker
If you go to bed early you are a slacker

I've read the most ridiculous posts in recent times about larks vs owls. For example:

There are stories of people who seem to get up before they go to bed, run a half marathon, write a best selling book and raised a herd of award winning pygmy goats before they've had breakfast.

And then you get the other side of the same coin with more people saying they can pull all nighters 8 days a week and still have enough energy in the day to ...

While there may be an element of truth in both, what I find objectionable is people telling me (and you) that if I want to get on I MUST do things their way or I'm just not going to be a success. And why should we do it their way? Well it works for them so it MUST work for us - right... wrong!. Everyone is different, with different variables that must be taken into account which a lot of people seem to forget about in their postulating.

There is an infographic doing the rounds showing how creative people spend their days. What is telling is that everyone had their own routine -  which worked for them. So - If you want to have 4 x 2 hour naps in a 24 hour period while you do everything else in between who is to say it's right or wrong if it works for you. This is the link to the infographic - http://www.fastcodesign.com/3032874/infographic-of-the-day/the-daily-routines-of-26-of-historys-most-creative-minds

Don't get caught up thinking you have to be like everyone else - nope, no sirree, that's sheep mentality.

You know when you do your best work, you know when you need to push a little harder and you know when you need to rest. You just need to set your own patterns / habits / timelines and the rest should sort itself out.


100 day challenge: 100 ways in 100 days:

#4:  Budget – go through your budget line by line. What can you get rid of? Where can you make savings? Keep a very close lid on what you spend in the next 100 days.


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