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Don't wait

I can see the headline

"... could have done so much, but [s/he] was waiting for that perfect moment to arrive before beginning"

To be honest I think that could be the epitaph for most people. Quite simply - we wait.

  • We wait for inspiration
  • We wait for the right time
  • We wait til we've eaten every naughty thing in the cupboard

We wait until ...

when in reality all there is, is now - and we know that, but we wait anyway.

As you know I am a great fan of the Nike slogan "just do it" as it pretty much tells it like it is. Don't wait - just do it, and do it now before you find a way to talk yourself out of whatever it was you were thinking about doing. I'm like that with exercise - we have a love / hate relationship. I love the feeling of a damn good sweat inducing workout, I just hate the fact that I can no longer do what I want to do. 

There is an exercise challenge going on at work. 2 of my male colleagues are attempting the 100 push up challenge. That particular item is on my bucket list of exercise goals to complete, but on Friday I found out I have a rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder and not just a bicep strain as I though, so not to be beaten by a couple of boys, I've downloaded the 200 sit up challenge instead.

The challenge app is interesting - go to Google play or whatever the i-equivalent is and look it up, download it and give it a go. You have to undergo a test to see how many you can do - and please don't cheat because the program is based on your personal ability. 2 days after your muscles have stopped being a jelly mess, you get to start the program proper. I've found I can do the first 4 sets relatively easily (and yes there is a rest counter too) but the 5th set adds on 3 or 4 almost impossible ones to challenge you.

But 2 days later, those 3 or 4 reps that challenged you, believe it or not you can now do easily. You just have to be willing to push yourself through those last few reps. And guess what, every time we push through our supposed barriers our mental as well as physical muscles (in this case) get a little stronger.

You may not want to do the 100 push up / 200 sit up or any other kind of exercise challenge, but humour me for just a moment. It's not for the exercise - it's just to prove to yourself that you can do this. Because it's not about your shoulders or in my case my abs, it's about pushing my mind. If you can stretch your mind by a tiny fraction each time you want to give up, you can stretch your mental capacity to do anything.

Just do it. Prove to yourself that you can be better this time around, it doesn't matter what happened before. 


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