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I wonder - does everything REALLY count?

You walk into an environment you have never seen or experienced before. If you are anything like me, my first thought is always:

Where is the person to greet me / direct me?

Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 I am left wondering where to go:
  • I wonder why the reception desk is left unmanned with no details on what I should do in those circumstances
  • I wonder about the people who fail to acknowledge me when I am standing at the reception desk
  • I wonder if their social life is more important than my custom
  • I wonder about the quality of the rest of their business if this kind of behaviour is anything to go by
  • I wonder about the quality of their customer service should I need it
And then I wonder how these companies are still in business.

You may say - but it's only ...

You may say of yourself - But I am only ...

I say, everything counts


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