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The importance of speed OR today we made history »

If you want to succeed, you need to stop stopping

Focus on what you want.

No I don't mean the airy fairy - let's visualise what the future might hold for you if everything fell into place, you won lottery and it was always perfect weather, you had all the time / energy and money in the world to do it.

Let's face it, that kind of thinking is straight out of a fairy tale.

There is never a perfect moment. There will never be a perfect moment.
All we have is now.

So, with laser like focus on what we want to achieve now, and doing it (that should go without saying), if you have enough "now" moments, you will succeed.

Think about any successful athlete, artist, musician, business person, writer - they all have many things in common.

They show up for training, they show up for practice, they show up to their desks and they write / work. They make mistakes. But day after day they refine, they try, they try harder, they get help if they need it, but every day they turn up and they work hard.

How about you?

Did you want to learn the piano? Write a book? Buy a yacht and sail the world?

What happened?

In most cases - you stopped.

You stopped the lessons, you stopped writing, you stopped training, you stopped ...

Take health and fitness as a good example. You cannot exercise like crazy for a week and then bottle the excess for a time when you can't be bothered. Tried that, didn't work. And you know why it didn't work?

First of all if you exercise like crazy after not exercising in a while, you won't be able to move. Sitting down is painful, you can barely tie your shoelaces and breathing hurts. Believe me it's easier to start slowly and build on your fitness levels on a daily basis.

The second reason why it doesn't work is because of fear. Well it hurt last time I tried that. I got a rejection letter from the publisher I sent my manuscript to.

So what?

You cannot expect to be an overnight success. Even those who we think are overnight successes (think singing reality tv shows for example) ... they all sang somewhere, even if it wasn't in public.

Do you want to succeed? Then you need to stop stopping.

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