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Perth's icy water challenge »

So she stood there, tapping her foot

I do a lot of my thinking, planning and sometimes writing when I am on the move. Notebooks and pens come in very handy at traffic lights let me tell you.

I may have the odd ah-ha moment when I am in the shower, which I know is typical for a lot a people. Bathroom breaks tend to be some of the only time we ever get to ourselves after all. We do need to switch off the normal brain numbing chatter and exchange that for just a few minutes of peace and if that is in the shower, then so be it - we take what we can.

But going back to traveling for just a minute, while I am traveling to and from I like to change up the routes I take. It's a deliberate ploy on my part to make my brain wake up and take note of its surroundings. If you always travel the same route at the same time every day chances are going to be good that you will reach your destination and wonder how on earth you got there. That's the brains energy saving mode - it doesn't need to think.

So while I was traveling on the weekend I was thinking about how to make a million. And as soon as I had had the thought, there she was tapping her foot, arms crossed whining.

My ego, standing like a disapproving sentinel in front of the bank account... I wouldn't mind but she was dressed in jeans and an awful red plaid shirt. I can honestly say I have never owned said garment, so I have no idea what she was thinking about when she dragged that on. Actually that is not strictly true... but we'll talk about that later - perhaps.

Have you ever had a conversation with your ego? Mine was enlightening I have to say. Every time I had an idea, she would tut and her foot would beat faster on the tiles.

What? You don't think we deserve to have a million? You don't think that after all this time we don't deserve to have a decent amount of money to play with...
Of course my ego could only huff and whine.
So I kept hammering the point home ... you're telling me we don't deserve a good holiday each year / the mortgage paid off / new(ish) car every couple of years / bills paid / eat out occasionally? Why do you think we don't deserve all of that and then some?

When you start to have those kinds of discussions, albeit with your ego it really doesn't make any kind of sense... which is why I have to wonder why we let our ego run the show... it also makes me wonder I suppose if anyone knew I was having these kinds of conversations I wouldn't be wearing red plaid but a rather fetching white coat, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Do you deserve more?
I think so, and don't let your ego tell you anything else.


100 day challenge: 100 ways in 100 days

#5: Buy nothing new for the next 100 days and with the exception of food, toiletries and essential items such as medications – don’t buy anything new or 2nd hand. Use what you have already. Make a note of everything you think you want, then at the end of the 100 days review your list, do you still want it?

- See more at: http://www.motivateme.info/daily-dose-ezine/2014/8/30/perths-icy-water-challenge.html#sthash.qplOa0Xm.dpuf

100 day challenge: 100 ways in 100 days: Work / Study

#6: Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier than normal. This is a great idea if you are always in a rush.

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