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Wake up and smell the coffee

You cannot take things for granted, because as Jim Rohn quite eloquently said it "Life is short, even at its longest."
But what I want to talk to you about today is the little things, because it's the little things we need to be concerned with.

The days we don't exercise vs the days that we do.

The days we don't eat healthful foods vs the days / meals that we do

The days we don't speak kindly to our partners / children because we have other things on our minds vs the days when you decide to take time out and be there - and I do mean be there in mind as well as body. Come on you know exactly what I mean. There are days when things are worrying you. You're at work thinking about home, or more likely, you are at home thinking about work. Well let me tell you something - work will always be there or as Charles de Gaulle said "the graveyards are full of indispensable men" - and yes women too. Well your family may need you now, not when it's convenient for you. 

Today is wake up and smell the coffee day.

Don't take anything for granted, not even the coffee.

Be mindful of your words, your actions and your reactions

And take a moment or two to realise just how lucky we really are. Seriously we are, so very lucky. A couple of days ago we were walking down the beach front at City Beach watching surfers on their boards waiting for the perfect wave. Just a month ago, my partner and I were in the USA part way through our annual road trip, and good friday we were in the Western Australian Monastic town of New Norcia. Blessed? Absolutely.

Seriously, when you begin to take the little things for granted (the coffee) you may just take the larger things for granted as well.

One sentiment "don't" you just don't know how long you have


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