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7 reasons to walk to and from the office - or most other places really

  1. Walking to and from the office, or public transpo means you don't have to find other time during your day to get your daily steps in. There are a lot of studies that say 10,000 steps is the optimum. There have been a number of ad campaigns over the years urging us to find 30. The point here is - if you walk to and from - you are going to get the exercise your body needs... and let's get a little personal here, you move the body's waste through much faster :-) they didn't use to call a walk a constitutional for nothing.
  2. You can offset a day of relatively little or no movement with a decent walk at each end of your working day. How long do you sit down each day? For most people who have office jobs it's a lot. Then when you get into the car, guess what you're still sitting down... Get home, eat dinner - yep sitting down, watch a little TV - well we tend not to do that standing up...
  3. Get yourself a fitness tracker and prove just how much exercise you are doing... annoy your colleagues, start a competition to see how many steps you do each day. Then tomorrow - try and do a bit more.
  4. Your clothes fit better - seriously, after just a few weeks of catching public transport several times a week, and all the walking to and from, I've dropped a dress size, and my clothes are looking soooo much better on. When you see early results, believe me it makes you want to push that little bit harder.
  5. Size reduction and obviously burning the fatty layer over the muscles is fantastic, what you will also notice really quickly is the improved muscle tone. People may say - but it's just walking. Try walking while holding your palm over your hip / tummy and you will feel just how hard your muscles are working. Move onto uneven terrain and the changes are apparent.
  6. Save money...maybe. Offset a decent pair of trainers, which lets face it you should already own, and it shouldn't cost you anything. Sure you will be exchanging fuel consumption / wear and tear on your vehicle with that of the cost of public transport. But consider the healthy benefits of walking, vs not emitting CO2 and other chemicals into the air from your car... and perhaps the reduction in medical bills down the track and you are going to save yourself a lot in the long run. And talking of which...
  7. Walking improves your mood. There are many studies that prove just a few minutes of walking a day can provide the serotonin your mind and body craves, and the effects last a lot longer than the time it took you to walk. There is a fantastic video I'd like to share with you called 23 and a half hours... it is well worth the time to watch it.

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