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No jacket, no hat and no umbrella in sight...

I have decided to leave my car at home a couple of days a week so I can get more movement into my day. As you know I downloaded the Google Fit app to my phone and I was rather embarrassed by how little movement I managed to fit into my sedentary day. So I have decided to ditch the car for public transpo.

So far my experiment has ended up with some of THE WORST WEATHER to hit Perth in months... storms, torrential rain, humidity off the scale - it's hilarious.

As I was leaving the office tonight (1 km walk, 2 trains, 1 bus and a 1km walk to get home) the heavens opened. My fault entirely that I was incorrectly dressed for the occasion. Open toed sandals, no jacket, no hat and certainly no umbrella - and a ridiculous grin on my face. People thought I was mad. But I still got home around the same time as if I had driven and got caught in the traffic on the way home.

Weather just is.

It's hot, it's cold, it's wet, dry, stinking hot, humid...

So what ...

Yesterday I spent the day working at a gym in East Perth - people paid good money to be hot, sweaty and exhausted by the end of their sessions.

Sometimes it takes a change in mindset, and sometimes it takes a change in circumstances to make us see things differently... For me it was a broken clutch cable that made me seek out public transport options a couple of weeks ago. Now that I have, it's easy.

One of my work colleagues offered me a lift to the station ... thank you, very kind - I want to talk... "REALLY!!" then

As I was on the train my son messaged me "want me to pick you up from the train station"

Me - no "just on the bus see you at home soon"

And then, there he was...bless him, my son got in his car and waited for the bus to drop me off at the stop so I didn't have to get wet a second time on my way home.
I will just have to add another 15 minutes to my tally tomorrow :-) ssshhh don't tell him.

Somethings just are, and most of the time it is how we think about things that make them an opportunity or just a wet / miserable / you have got to be joking kind of a day. I challenge you to look for the good.


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