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Today's issues are tomorrow's memories

We are faced with many issues, problems and concerns each and every day. We brood, we worry, we think, we wonder how it will work out and wonder when it's all going to come right for us.

But if you stop and think about it just for a minute, whatever it is you are concerned about right now, will form part of your memory bank in the next moment. Now it is up to us whether those memory banks will be filled with lots of good memories or regrets about not having done enough.

Well - as "they" say - you can't do anything about the past, you can only deal with the future. But one caveat at this point - remember the lessons you learnt otherwise you will be forever going over the same ground, doing the same things in the same way, and of course getting the same end result.

It's like buying 6 rolls of wallpaper to decorate a room in your house, only to discover you really only needed 4. Then when you decide to re-decorate, you forget this minor point and buy 6 - "I'm sure we bought six last time" ... yes you did, but you didn't use them. The kids used the remainder to crayon on.

Don't get to the end of today and find you only managed to cross a few things off the list - you spent far too much time surfing the net, reading emails and chatting to your online buddies to get your revision done, the phone calls made, the client meetings arranged, the orders shipped, the lines of code revised. You tell yourself that tomorrow you will knuckle down and do today's tasks as well as tomorrow's work. You understand that if you don't, you'll have questions to answer by the end of the week - but in the back of your mind, you've got a whole slew of examples and excuses lined up as to why you didn't manage to achieve everything....after all it's worked before, so why shouldn't it work for you this week.

But one final thing about today's message is this - it's not just about time and task management. We all have worries and concerns about the future too. What happens if so and so ... or I can't get the work done ... or

Now you can spend time and energy re-hashing the problem, failing to find another solution, or you can do what you know needs to be done. Rarely is a problem / issue so bad you can't sort it out with a little bit of creative thinking and a lot of honesty on your part. And by honest I mean with yourself first and foremost.


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