Motivate Me at home

Motivate Me to Clean!

Are you an accumulator or a hoarder? Do you collect stuff and never throw things away? then the chances are you are a hoarder and you may need specific help to work through the process of why you can't let things go. However, most of us are accumulators. Things just get piled up and before we know it, we can't find anything.

When that happens we can find ourselves putting things off (procrastinating) because we can't find what we need, to do the job we need to do.

So how do you motivate yourself at home?

Start small: When it comes to cleaning, you don't need to clean the entire house in one go. Start with one drawer or a closet. Or if that is too big a job for you, start with the socks. Socks have little or no emotional attachment - so it is easy to sort through your sock drawer. Once that is completed, pick another area that has little emotional attachment  associated with it. Kitchen drawers, bathroom cabinets, spare bedrooms are all easy places to sort through.

Why should we need motivation around the home? Apart from the workplace, our homes tend to be the places where we spend the most time. It is also the place we use to rest, sleep and relax after a busy working week. For some people who are troubled by motivation, it can be easy to get into the procrastination habit with regards to our homes, in the same way we procrastinate over every other area of our lives. Motivate me at home looks at ways we can motivate ourselves to achieve our personal goals in and around the house.