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A Mother's Motivation

My mum, sister and niece arrive in the early hours of monday morning - which means I have 3 days to make sure the house is ship shape and ready for inspection. I mean I know you can hide messes in places, but you really can't hide things from mothers, because mother's know all about them...mother's the world over seem to have eyes in the backs of their heads, and immediately seem to know you've been doing something you shouldn't have.

I must confess my house is very untidy. Because of the renovation and decorating of my son's bedroom over the last week, there just seems to be "Stuff" everywhere. I still have one set of curtains to make and one to finish off (couldn't do that until my son moved out of the spare room - cos that's where it is). Although I may admit defeat on the new ones and simply fold up the material until such time as I don't have a housefull of people. Something tells me the blinds will have to suffice this time.

Anyway, if you will excuse me - as I said mother arrives on Monday and I've some cleaning to do. Let me know if you want to drop by and give me a hand.

Thanks, Elle

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