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Turn your exercise into a hobby

Exercise as a hobby. How come most of us never consider our exercise regimes and routines could be more than just something we do "to keep fit"?

I drove a different way to work yesterday morning, the route takes me past the coast that is the Indian Ocean, and home to the surfers. After a week of storms the surf was running high and a lot of people were out enjoying their early morning hobby err I mean exercise.

Hobbies as exercise.

When I stopped and thought about it some more, the times when I was toned, fit and didn't "need to exercise" was when exercise was part of my normal life and yes I could class it as a hobby. Competitive tennis - certainly at a level I played at it could be classed as a hobby. Cycling was a means to an end as well as something we just did - a hobby? no, but certainly part of my every day life.

I would meet friends over a game of beach volleyball or badminton net.

If you are struggling to find time to exercise, why not try and find time to cultivate an old hobby or start a new one. Your mind and your body will thank you for it.


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