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Exercise first thing starts my day off right

It took me a while to get it, but I love exercising first thing in the morning. Knowing that I have kept one promise to myself, means I am more likely to keep the rest... it's like having an early "win" on the board, or being able to cross a very big to do item off the day's list.

Exercise - check

My exercise routine is now set in concrete. That said, it had always been set in concrete, it had to be if I wanted to get into the habit of exercising on a regular basis. Now, not only do I have a "normal" set of days when I exercise I also try and fit other sessions around the rest of my week when I am able to.

What do i mean?

Well, the night before my morning group gym session I make sure the clothes, shoes and sweat towel are there, ready to be put on when the alarm goes off at 5.45 am. Every Wednesday and Friday morning you will find me there (illness notwithstanding). Sunday night I pack my gym gear and dump it into the car boot (trunk) so I don't forget to take it with me when I go to the office. Monday night is different because I go to a personal training session on the way home. Unless traffic gets in the way of my time slot, I am there every Monday evening working out with my trainer Hilary Reid of Efit121. Through her I have learned to trust the strength in my body, to try new things and to finally gain some muscle definition.

And then there is the weekend. Saturday starts with a walk followed by the gym, and every alternate sunday you will see me either in Kings Park (Jacobs Ladder or the Kokoda Track) or walking the bridges.

And you can almost always guarantee there will be a bag containing an extra set of gym gear in the car - including a spare pair of trainers - just in case I do get a spare 40 minutes I can use to improve my health and fitness.

Today - being a holiday, I was able to incorporate my morning walk before the gym session. It was simply glorious to wake up knowing I could  spend some time down by the water of Claisebrook Cove and round onto Riverside Drive before heading up the big hill back into East Perth. It's a beautiful place to walk. And knowing the temperature it's going to reach today you would think more people would have taken advantage - but hey that's their loss.

Sometimes you do need to make an appointment with yourself, write it in your diary, set the alarms and roll out of bed - regardless of how you may be feeling in the beginning, but you know what, over time you will come to enjoy it. The trick I find is to find out what it is you do enjoy doing, because that does make life a whole lot easier when you need motivation to exercise in the beginning.

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