Motivate Me!

Motivate Me! helps people conquer procrastination. It contains practical advice to help you motivate yourself or motivate someone who would benefit from breaking the procrastination habit. If your inner voice is screaming "motivate me!", and you are ready to make a positive change, perhaps we can help.

100 Day Challenge

Every day for the next 100 days you can focus your attention on what is important to you. Your goals. You can achieve many goals in our 100 day goal achievement challenge. Are you willing to accept the challenge?

Motivate Me! - What we do

Procrastination is a modern epidemic. Is your life out of balance? Are you working harder and achieving less? Motivate Me! helps you set goals that inspire you - to realise your true potential.

Overcoming procrastination only happens when you have a clear visualisation of your ideal future. When your goals are tied to this ideal future, motivation is easy. Motive plus action is motivation.

Do you make excuses for why you haven't completed projects? Motivate me! helps you with practical ways to motivate yourself and motivate other people who can help you reach your goals.

Wasting time on unimportant tasks while never getting around to the things that matter? Motivate me! helps you beat procrastination through providing a clear path to your goals.

Always running out of time? Successful people have the same 24 hour day. Motivate me! tackles the causes of procrastination - why we spend so much time busy doing nothing - and helps you motivate yourself or motivate someone else who can help you meet your goals.

Do you get bored easily? Motivate me! uncovers the comfort zones of procrastinators. The places where we can easily avoid any thoughts of motivating ourselves or motivating others to realise our potential. In the seven habits of procrastinators, Motivate me! names and shames the people and the practices!

Ever wonder if there's more to life than this? Motivate me! helps you turn dreams in positive visualisations of your future. And how these mind pictures can help you overcome procrastination. Everything that man has acheived started with a dream. Motivate me! helps you make your dreams your motive. And motive plus action is motivation.

How good are you are sabotaging your efforts to get what you deserve? Motivate me! looks at fear of failure as one of the causes of procrastination. We often hide behind 'busy doing nothing' tasks to avoid any risk of failure. But failure is part of success and we must confront our fears to conquer procrastination.

Do you get frustrated at the little things? Being busy doing nothing restricts our sense of perspective. Losing the remote control is a crisis. Motivate me! considers how beating procrastination can reduce stress and stop us sweating the small stuff. If you can motivate yourself and motivate others to see the big picture, there's real focus on the things that matter.

Having trouble keep fit or losing weight? Motivate me! encourages you to start with positive visualisation of the ideal you. Rather than the classic before and after technique, you will learn to motivate yourself by acting the 'after' role each day until you are the ideal you.

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