Take your life to the next level.

Is your life out of balance? Are you working harder but achieving less?
Motivate Me! gives you the power of vision and inspiration,
plus the tools to help you realise your true potential.


What does it take to get healthy and stay in shape while actually enjoying your new lifestyle? It simply takes you and a new vision of your future.


Wonder why people seem to attract success & wealth and accomplish so much while you always seem to struggle? By shedding outdated beliefs, you can join the A team.


Do your friends and family support your personal growth or stifle it? If you're being put down or put off it's time for you to invest in your self-worth and independence.

How to bring your dreams to life:

A guide to getting over 'someday' syndrome and finding the courage to act today.

What can you do, today, to change your life for the better?

You are on the cusp of change. You are at an important cross road in your life. Do you have something that is really annoying you or do you have a burning desire? Without one or the other and preferably both – you will not do what you need to do. It is time to decide – are you ready to change or not?

If you are, join thousands of people who have successfully used this book to re-energize their lives.

What they say about Elle

motivate me

Getting to the heart

"Passionate, real world, and always full of solutions, Elle does a fantastic job of getting to the heart of what motivates us. I am always amazed at her ability to extract lessons from our thoughts and behaviors, and ultimately find ways to take our life to the next level"
~ Rob "Waldo" Waldman, USA

motivate me

Seriously brilliant

"Brilliant!!!!! Seriously brilliant! Could have been me speaking. How often have I said to you that we won’t change unless we’re ready to change. That we keep doing the same thing because we’re afraid that if we do change, we won’t like what we actually end up with"
~ Zena Smith, phD

motivate me

New level of inspiration

"Excellent writing - Right on the nose. It resonated strongly with where I am right now, and what I am doing to reach my dreams. I think you went to a new level of inspiration with this piece, what happened? Did you just reach a new plateau, find Nirvana, Enlightenment, or what?"
~ Phil, Australia

motivate me

Working their magic

"Your daily motivating e mails are working their magic again. I've completed another life change. Your messages have given me my self belief and the courage to go and get what I have wanted. Now I can relax, sleep a bit easier too. This is another step on the journey and I am pleased you are with me"
~ Chris Bower, UK

How to bring your dreams to life: A guide to getting over 'someday' syndrome and finding the courage to act today,
by . E-book, 24 pages, 3rd edition, 2016.

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Elle Raunston is an author, teacher and multiple cat owner.
She coaches in person and via Skype or phone.