Free. How to Bring Your Dreams, to Life.

A guide to getting over 'someday' syndrome and finding the courage to act today

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How to bring your dreams to life: A guide to getting over 'someday' syndrome and finding the courage to act today, by Elle Raunston. E-book, 24 pages, 3rd edition, 2016.

How to Bring Your Dreams to Life: A Guide to getting over 'someday' syndrome is simple but not simplistic. This e-book takes you through the many reasons why we fail, how we can recognise the problems and the issues so that we can rebuild our lives and achieve the successes we have often dreamed about.

Your Future Starts Now

  • How to Bring Your Dreams to Life: A Guide to getting over 'someday' syndrome takes a long and hard look at the problem of procrastination; what it is, and what it is stopping you from doing and achieving.
  • You have the power to be anything you want to be, achieve absolutely everything you say you want to achieve, and live the life of your dreams. The only thing stopping you from doing that - is YOU.
  • Getting over 'someday' syndrome can be achieved once you have the tools and the much needed desire to change.

My Confession

"I thought I was moving forwards, but I was a self-help junkie. I would buy the books and the programs, and devour them quickly. What I did not do, was follow the advice. I would tell myself I would go back and complete the exercises, once I had all the information. "It would make more sense" I would tell my self. But like a child I would be off to find the next bestselling self-help book on the market.

My wheels were spinning but I was going nowhere.

And then it dawned on me. I was happy where I was. Defining moments are earth shattering.

Why would I move mountains to deal with things that annoyed me, or made me angry. Yet allow other things, crucial, life changing things to drift by in a haze of false starts and couldn’t be bothered?

Which rather stopped me in my tracks. If I could move mountains to do those things that I had to do, could I "force" myself into believing that other things, things that would enhance my life, were urgent and important?"
~ Elle, reforming procrastinator

How to Bring Your Dreams to Life: A Guide to getting over someday syndrome removes the trial and error and provides a solid foundation for your future life.

Thought Provoking

"There are many other ordinary people like me whom I'm quite sure I speak for when I say that your writing is quite motivational and that you always seem to have something interesting to say. I am a student in yr 12 and appreciate the occasional odd reading/interesting thought that you have to offer. Thank you once more"

~ Tim, Student Yr 12

Looking at the postives

"Thank you once again for all your motivational emails, and this fantastic book. Your writing is always spot on. They have truly helped me when I have been down or depressed. Your books and emails have shown me the importance of looking at the positives and the bright side of life. Thank you"

~ Chiron

Powerful words

"I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for this. Many reasons, which are too long to go into now, but your quote (Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs) could not possibly have arrived at a better time."

~ Lorna